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[Gun Dog 06:21] Shotgun Report: Fabarm Autumn by Brad Fitzpatrick

By | Autumn, Gun Review

“Fabarm didn’t launch the Autumn simply to play in the side-by-side market. This gun is well thought-out and beautifully appointed. Fit and finish are excellent, and material quality is on par with guns costing more. It’s a solidly built double gun that’s practical enough for field use without losing that special side-by-side magic. If you’re a double gun devotee or simply looking for an elegant new bird gun that’s as practical as it is pretty, the Autumn is worth a close look.”

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[Trap Shooting USA: 05:21] Review: Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport Type-T Combo

By | Elos N2 Allsport Type-T, Gun Review

“Fabarm has been on the cutting edge of things when it comes to bringing purpose built, highly adjustable target shotguns to the market. They have also been very receptive and responsive to the shooting community, listening to what the target shooter wants and needs. This Fabarm model is the embodiment of that feedback and provides a true multi-sport target gun.”

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Randy Wakeman Outdoors – FABARM XLR5 Velocity Review

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With the combining of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, the result is Italy’s second largest shotgun manufacturer, which now rivals the in-house design and manufacturing capabilities of any shotgun manufacturer in the world. The Fabarm XLR 5 has not been released in the United States, that I know of, until right now. The basic gas action used in this autoloading shotgun was released in 2003, the Fabarm “Pulse Piston” system. By now a well-proven system, the action bar design associated with this action was improved back in 2005. Read More

Outdoor Life voted the FABARM AXIS TRAP “One of the Best Shotguns of 2013”!

By | AXIS Trap

From Outdoor Life, May 6, 2013 website:

This lovely beast of a shotgun has a simple job—turning clay targets into powdery ink blots in the sky—and it does that job very, very well. The speed with which it gets on the going-away targets that characterize trap shooting is nothing short of scary. And thanks to the quality of its trigger—by far the best among the shotguns in the test—the shots themselves feel more like an act of will than an act of your trigger finger. The adjustability of the shotgun’s raised rib and stock allows for a true custom fit and pattern placement. At $3,995, this is a real bargain for a serious trap gun, many of which cost at least twice as much. Read More

Gun Test: FABARM XLR5 Velocity by Johnny Cantu – Shotgun Sports Magazine

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The following is an article as featured in the May 2012 issue of Shotgun Sports Magazine by author and editor Johnny Cantu. To view the original article as a PDF, click here.

In my report of the 2012 SHOT Show in the May issue of Shotgun Sports I informed our readers of a new semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun from the famous Italian arms manufacturer, FABARM, (now a part of Caesar Guerini) the XLR5 Velocity. I also mentioned to look forward to a review of the XLR5. Well, after a phone call or two to Mr. Joe Cunniffe, General Manager of FABARM USA in Cambridge, MD, my test sample which was an early prototype model arrived at my office. Read More

FABARM XLR5 Velocity review by Nick Sisley – Sporting Clays Magazine

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The following is an article as featured in the May 2012 issue of Sporting Clays Magazine and written by Nick Sisley. To view the original article as a PDF, click here.

The first time I ever wrote about high adjustable-rib, high adjustable-comb shotguns was with the Caesar Guerini Impact. Some of the similarly equipped over-unders I’ve written about since then have been the Kolar Max Sporting, Krieghoff Pro Sporter, Zoli Bilanx, and Blaser SuperSport. But when I penned that first column in this column I posed the question, “I wonder how long it will be before someone comes out with a high adjustable-rib, high adjustable-comb semi-auto?” Read More

Randy Wakeman Outdoors – FABARM USA

By | blog_black, blog_silver

Randy Wakeman has been hunting and shooting for over 45 years. Citing Randy’s website he has a background in industrial engineering and mechanical power transmission. In addition to his contributions to G & S Online over the last decade, Randy has performed consulting work for several firearms manufacturers, powder manufacturers, the Discovery Channel, and several law enforcement agencies across the United States. Randy has also authored his own books, his own video productions, and has been published by several print magazines and plans to write a full review of the FABARM XLR5 when it becomes available. In this blog post Randy was among the first online to cite for his readers information regarding FABARM USA and the introduction of our XLR5 Velocity.

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