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Elos N2 Allsport XL Type-T



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ModelELOS N2 Allsport XL Type-T
Gauge12 Ga
Barrel Length32" Over Under – 34" Unsingle
Top Rib10mm to 8mm tapered, ventilated. O/U barrel includes a set of two Q.R.R. (Quick Release Ribs) with one rib at 50/50 P.O.I. and the second rib at 65/35 P.O.I. The Unsingle Trap barrel is 70/30 P.O.I.
Chamber3" Over Under – 2.75" Unsingle
Chokes5 EXIS HP™ Competition Chokes
SightsWhite Bradley style with Silver mid bead
Frame FinishBlued
StockTurkish Walnut with Adjustable Comb
Stock FinishTRIWOOD™
Left HandedAvailable
Weight7lbs 14oz.*
Recoil PadMicrocell 22mm
CaseHard Case
Overall length of gun w/ .75" extended chokes50.25” (32” barrels), 52.25” (34” barrels)
Proof Test1630 BAR
Warranty5 years
*Weights may vary based on wood density and barrel length. **Measured from the center of trigger adjustment.

Stock Dimensions

ModelELOS N2 Allsport XL Type-T
Length of pull*14.875" (adjustable)
Drop at comb1.625"
Drop at Monte Carlo*1.75" (adjustable)
Drop at heel2.5"
Cast at heel0.1875"
Cast at toe0.3125"
Reach*3.625" (adjustable)
*All stock dimensions are measured with the adjustable comb at it’s lowest position, and adjustable trigger in the center position. All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.


FA05465Elos N2 Allsport XL Type-T 12g 32" O/U, 34" Unsingle Combo$5,675
Left hand stock option$195
Unsingle add-on option for current N2 Allsport O/U Owners (fitting is required)$1,860
*Prices are subject to change without notice.

ELOS N2 Allsport XL Type-T

New for this year, the Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport line has expanded. Introducing our TYPE-T offering, which features a 34” Unsingle barrel to accommodate Trap specialists. The Unsingle barrel is ideal for shooting Handicap and Singles in Trap competitions.

For shooters who want a competitive edge in Trap, and still want to compete in multiple disciplines, the Allsport is the most versatile target shotgun line ever created. And the TYPE-T is the ultimate choice. This impressive model is able to convert into a high rib Trap gun, a low rib Sporting clays gun, and a Skeet gun in a matter of minutes. The revolutionary interchangeable rib system on the over/under barrel, which includes two QRR (Quick Release Ribs) one 50/50 and one 65/35 POI, and the Micro-Metric adjustable stock allows you to fine-tune the gun to your own measurements resulting in a better fit.

The XL model features our full-sized stock dimensions designed to fit most adult shooters with the 14.75” length-of-pull. You can be confident the Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport will provide you with continuous clay crushing performance through all disciplines and bring you to the next level of shooting in All sports.

[Shotgun Sports: 08:21] Gun Test: Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport Type-T Combo

By Elos N2 Allsport Type-T, Gun Review

“A large number of shooters maintain multiple shotguns to use for different disciplines, and this can be very costly for the majority of shooters who enjoy shooting trap, skeet and sporting clays. And, for high school and collegiate competitors (who do shoot all three games), this is nearly impossible. As such, the ELOS N2 Allsport Type-T is a great option for these shooters, allowing them to own a well-made shotgun and be highly competitive throughout their shooting careers.

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[Trap Shooting USA: 05:21] Review: Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport Type-T Combo

By Elos N2 Allsport Type-T, Gun Review

“Fabarm has been on the cutting edge of things when it comes to bringing purpose built, highly adjustable target shotguns to the market. They have also been very receptive and responsive to the shooting community, listening to what the target shooter wants and needs. This Fabarm model is the embodiment of that feedback and provides a true multi-sport target gun.”

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