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Outdoor Life voted the FABARM AXIS TRAP “One of the Best Shotguns of 2013”!

By AXIS Trap

From Outdoor Life, May 6, 2013 website:

This lovely beast of a shotgun has a simple job—turning clay targets into powdery ink blots in the sky—and it does that job very, very well. The speed with which it gets on the going-away targets that characterize trap shooting is nothing short of scary. And thanks to the quality of its trigger—by far the best among the shotguns in the test—the shots themselves feel more like an act of will than an act of your trigger finger. The adjustability of the shotgun’s raised rib and stock allows for a true custom fit and pattern placement. At $3,995, this is a real bargain for a serious trap gun, many of which cost at least twice as much. Read More

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