Instructions for sending your FABARM firearm in for service

  • Package your entire gun carefully (be sure to include all barrels and fore-ends associated with your receiver)
  • Insure it for its full value
  • You may use the US Postal Service, Fed Ex or UPS to ship your firearm (if repair work is determined to be covered under warranty only return shipping is at no charge). If shipping UPS, we recommend visiting your local UPS Customer Center. These are the company-owned locations where they load the trucks. UPS Stores are independently owned franchise locations and may have a policy prohibiting the shipment of firearms.
  • Ship it to:
    700 Lake Street
    Cambridge, MD 21613
  • Please print and complete this Custom Shop Service Form making sure to complete the following information:
      1. Your contact information including your Email Address for your UPS tracking number to be sent to.
      2. Your Credit Card Number and Expiration Date. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We will contact you to confirm any charges before using your credit card.
      3. Your Firearm information including Serial Number and Rounds Fired.
      4. A Detailed Description of Services you would like to have performed including additions, customizations or issues you are experiencing.
        Note: There will be a minimum charge of $185 (plus parts & shipping) to perform a clean & inspect on all guns that are no longer covered under warranty. This thorough examination will identify any issues that need to be addressed and prolong the life of your gun.
  • Our standard turn-around time for service is approximately 20 days, depending on services requested.

Special notice regarding Heckler & Koch (HK) customers: We value you as a customer and want to make sure that your firearm is operating safely and properly.  If you are sending in your shotgun for repair and it is a Heckler & Koch (also known as HK) imported FABARM shotgun; models known as Red Lion, Gold Lion, Camo Lion, Lion SC, Competition Lion, Rex Lion, FP6, SAT 8, SDASS, Classis, etc. there will be charges for the labor, parts and shipping as Heckler and Koch is no longer providing lifetime warranty service.  We do warranty any parts and labor on the repairs that we provide on those shotguns.

All FABARM USA imported shotguns have a 5 year warranty from date of purchase by original owner.

If you should have any questions please email us at or contact our office at 410-901-1260

Thank you!