Year Born: 1954
Gun model: XLR5 LR (Long Rib) Silver with 30″ barrels
Any modifications: Adjustable comb, recoil reducer, 27mm recoil pad
What do you like about your Fabarm? Great handling and adjustability. Very well made and designed. The softest shooting semi-automatic I have ever used!
How has it improved your shooting? My Fabarm has given me confidence and is easily controlled when engaging targets near or far. Soft recoil makes transition between targets a snap.
Began shooting: Rifle in 1966, Trap in 1970, Sporting Clays since 2005

Connecticut born and raised, I spent 45 years in institutional and community corrections. Shooting has always been my primary hobby. I am also a very active community volunteer.

Primary Disciplines:

Sporting clays, with some skeet and trap for practice

About Ed

Residence/Hometown: Milford, CT
Do you give shooting instruction? Not professionally, but I do enjoy introducing new or novice shooters to the shooting sports.
Home Club: Fairfield County Fish and Game, Newtown, CT
Do you have any special causes? School volunteer work as a mentor and literacy tutor
Spouse & Children: Married to Candace (since 1980). Daughter Lindsay is an educator. Granddaughter Avery.

What knowledge can you share that would make people better shooters?

Get some formal instruction early to avoid getting bad habits ingrained. (I wish I had had the ability to do this as a youth shooter).

Notable Wins:

I’m consistently on the NSCA Connecticut All State Team. Best trophy was my AA 3rd in the 2013 US Open Pump event.

What gear do you use?

Hat/No hat? Always a hat; wide brim when really sunny
Glasses: Prescription SGS
Ear Plugs: Custom Molded by Granny Sherman (new ones each year)
Ammo: Recently I have really liked Rio Elites, 1 1/8 oz at 1150 fps
Vest: Yes- Always
Attire: Comfortable!